Business Overview

Genesis is Industrial Inkjet Technologies Developer in Field of Instrumentation and Control Equipment and manufacturer of High-Quality Industrial Inkjet Products. We offer comprehensive system integration, hardware, software design services. To realize customers need, we will continue developing a new technology for meet customers expectation as efficiently as possible.


The Terms of Reference are listed below.

  • Commissioned Development
    • Computer Application Development
    • Digital and Analog Circuit Design
    • Embedded Software Development
  • Design, manufacture, and sale
    • Industrial Inkjet Application Device
    • Industrial Inkjet Printer
    • Industrial Inkjet Systems Development
    • Characteristic Measuring Device for Industrial Inkjet
    • Laboratory Automation Equipment
    • Software Products Development
    • Embedded Board
    • Embedded Single Board Computers
    • ・ Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM)
      ・ Temperature Controller
      ・ Image processing Board