Industrial Inkjet

Genesis has developed a whole range of industrial inkjet printers to help our customers meet all of expectations as efficiency as possible. Feel free to learn more about our industrial inkjet products. If you would like any further information, please contact us.

Inkjet Printer

Genesis’s Inkjet related products are as follows.

  • Industrial Inkjet Device Design and Manufacturing
  • Inkjet Coater
  • Inkjet Droplets Observation
  • Inkjet Controller Board

Industrial Inkjet Coater High Quality Printing Machine IJ-DESK

These days, Genesis’s Inkjet Coaters are prevalent in many universities ans Research Institutes.

Product name Drop On Demand Inkjet Printer IJ-DESK
Function – High precision printing
– Observation of Ink Droplets
Applications experiment and efficiency test
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Industrial inkjet
Industrial inkjet equipment inner droplet characteristic measuring device Industrial inkjet DF-CSP coating example of both faces electrode package Industrial inkjet coating example of circuit board Industrial inkjet state of droplet in flight



IJ-AXIS is designed specifically for check the compatibility of ink and inkjet print-head. It has been available in Printing Ink Manufacturers and Inkjet Manufacturers.

Product name IJ-AXIS
Features – High precision printing
– Optical drop monitoring
Applications Research and Development
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droplet characteristic measuring device
droplet characteristic measuring deviceZoom


Field application of Industrial Inkjet

  • Architecture
    • exterior wall materials
    • Wood building materials
  • Food
    • Confectionery
  • Medicine
    • Pill, Tablets
  • Accessories
    • Clothes of fashion show
    • Flag
    • Sports Clothing
  • China, Ceramic
    • Tile